Visual Studio Multi-Device Hybrid App project + Ionic + WP8 White screen


I’ve created a Visual Studio Apache Cordova Multi-Device Hybrid App project with Ionic. When I launch the app in windows phone 8, it loads a blank white screen right after the splash screen and nothing happens. How can I fix this issue? The app works fine on iOS and Android.


Right so we don’t really support WP8 at the moment. So not everything is going to be working at the moment.


I’ve seen apps built with ionic working on wp8 so I don’t quite agree with that.
I just would like to know what may be causing this issue so I can make my app work as well.
Are there any known issues I can look my app for so I may find out what’s causing the problem??


I’m not too familiar with Visual Studio and WP8.
But from the browser, are you seeing any errors errors in your javascript?


You mean using ionic serve?
No erros…


Hmm, seems that somethings not firing on wp8.
Can you do any remote debugging on WP8?

@darrenahunter you were doing some WP8 development weren’t you? Any ideas?


I tried debugging with weinre but when I enable it and launch the app, another thing happens, wp8 shows this message:
"Oops. It seems the page runs in compatibility mode. Please fix it and try again."
and then the app does not even load anymore."


sorry Mike havent persisted with WP - though I am still using Appbuilder and it can generate out to WP so will give it ago when I get some time


You also can try this decision (try this only in client mode without connection with server)


Unfortunately IE doesn’t connect to browser on WIndowsPhone (like does Desktop Safary with IOS or Desktop Chrome to Android)
I do not know this ability for IE (( … But you can run yours application right from Visual Studio (VS) then you can to see javascript console directly in VS


I see WP8 is loading index.html file in my app but for some reason it’s not firing this code in app.js:


Any work around for this?? I heard state.go() also does not work with wp8. Is that true??
This is the project on github:
Can you help me?


i’ve got a project running in wp8. i think this may be caused by the base href tag not being set correctly, preventing your application from loading. try adding

<base href="/www/" /> 

to your index.html and then cordova run wp8.


Same result. Didn’t work. I’ve place below title tags


is your project on github? can you post a link?


Yes, it is.
Here is the link:


im also experiencing the same issue and tried some of the solutions in the thread. Could you share if you’ve made any progress on this bug?


a development on this is that the debug console shows its failing on this line

The thread 0xae0 has exited with code 259 (0x103).
Error::Plugin not allowed in config.xml. Keyboard

are you getting the similar error? Im looking how to enable or allow the keyboard plugin now on windows 8.

my sign in page requires input

EDIT: this was not the issue and just a false read. The keyboard only supports iOS and Android but the plugin was not the issue.

After running cordova plugin remove com.ionic.keyboard. no more error but still white screen persists


This issue is because of cordova bug AngluarJS router does not work on WP8 app which was fixed in Cordova 3.7.0.
You can try following to fix the issue:

1.) Uninstall Visual Studio Apache Cordova Multi-Device Hybrid App CPT2.0 and install CPT 3.0 from here. More detail on Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova can be found here. Please note you need to first uninstall CPT2.0 before installing CPT3.0. Visual Studio Update 4 needs to be installed before installing CPT3.0, VS Update 4 can be downloaded from here

Refer this for uninstall issue


2.) If you are using ionic CLI
ionic platform add wp8@3.7.0


3.) If you are using cordova CLI
cordova platform add wp8@3.7.0


Thank you Abhishek!

This was the exact problem and issue. I uninstalled the version using the cli with

ionic platform remove wp8
ionic platform add wp8@3.7.0

and it was fixed.


Exactly, DebugGap 3.0.0 starts to debug IE.