IDE for debugging Ionic on Android device in 2017

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if there are other IDEs than Visual Studio that let you debug an Ionic 2+ project on an Android device ? Not with emulator or browser but real android device.

I have been using VS2015 for some time now and although it works well in general, once in a while everything becomes corrupted and I end up losing lots of time trying to put things back in order. Just recently, the debugger could not attach to the device anymore for no obvious reason and after trying to fix things I ended up having to re-install Visual Studio completely. A real pain.

So what are you guys using if not using Visual Studio? Any IDE that lets you debug on device with breakpoints etc ? I could not find working alternatives up to now.


I have now switched from VS2015/2017 to VSCode and I find it is much more stable and better at debugging an app on a real device.