View app on mobile & how to publish into own mobile

Hi … I went arround to catch an idea how to testing my app into my mobile and after I have done create my Application in Ionic I would like to deployed into my own mobile and start to using it, How stupid I still can get direction to do this, any one help me out? thanks

You could use the PhoneGap Developer app to test/run your app on your phone, this article may help you:

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As a starting point I recommend reading and following the Ionic Tutorial.

Chapter 4 covers testing, including on device e.g. attach your device to your machine and:
ionic run android

Thanks stephenadams i will get there soon :smile:

Hi edd you right! but when run ionic run android get me this error failed to launch application on device: ERROR: failed to install apk to device: pkg: /data/local/tmp/cordovaApp-debug.apk, do you know what about it? thanks

Sorry, I’ve only been testing on ios. No experiecen with Android I’m afraid.

you awesome its working great man :slight_smile: thanks, now my another question is how to move my new application into my device so I can start using for my self, is it should on apk extension? how to create that extension?

Can you plese share what the solution for your issue was? I’m having the same problem :(.