Videogular in full screen on Android

Hey guys,

The current app I’m building for a client has a requirement to display video. In the first phase, Youtube video is required, but later on local video and possibly other providers have to be added as well. I turned to Videogular, to get everything working correctly. So far so good, getting video, all is well.

However, on Android, when playing the video, I cannot get it to display full screen. The button is there, and it is functional, because I can manipulate the lab version in the browser to allow the surrounding iframe to allow full screen, and it will effectively display full screen. Nothing wrong with the configuration or the button, but something ionic is doing is holding me back. Does anyone have an idea? I assume it’s something iframe-like that’s going on, but at the moment, I can’t figure out what is holding back the functionality of the full screen view.

Anyone encountered this?