Videogular fullscreen not working in browser

When I click on the fullscreen button in Videogular, it shows the contents of the index.html page and the entire app disappears, until I escape fullscreen.
I am using SplitPane.

This is in browser.

<vg-player (onPlayerReady)="onPlayerReady($event)">
            <vg-scrub-bar [vgSlider]="true">
                <vg-scrub-bar-current-time [vgSlider]="true"></vg-scrub-bar-current-time>
            <vg-controls [vgAutohide]="true" [vgAutohideTime]="1.5">
                <vg-time-display vgProperty="current" vgFormat="mm:ss"></vg-time-display>
                <vg-time-display vgProperty="total" vgFormat="mm:ss"></vg-time-display>
                <vg-scrub-bar style="pointer-events: none;"></vg-scrub-bar>
            <video [vgMedia]="media" #media id="singleVideo" preload="auto" crossorigin>
            <source src="{{cur_video}}" type="video/mp4">
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Having the same issue any solution to this?

Sorry, no. I was putting it in a Modal as a workaround but that stopped working. I have not yet gotten back to it.

No worries found the solution here:

Just need to 100% height to ion-split-pane.

Excellent, will try it sometime. Thanks for the follow up.
I’ll pre-mark this as solved.