[Video] Refresher gets triggered when scrolling down

I am having an issue with refresher (pull to refresh)…
Pull to refresh works fine but the problem happen when I try to scroll down, the refresh function gets called which prevent me from scrolling down.

The problem happen after the first pull to refresh. Before refreshing scroll works fine…

I’m not sure if this a bug or not.

I am using grid with row and two cards each row…


Your help is appreciated

Let me know if you found a fix for this. I’m experiencing the same with a refresher component above a list of items that empties / then is re-fetched.

refresh(event) {
    this.mustRefresh = true;
    this.listItems = {items: [], args: {}, next: 0};
    this.getList(this.listItems, this.listItems.args).then((data: ContentInterface) => {
    }, err => event.target.complete());

If I do not empty the list object then the error does not occur

I’ve hacked it for now by temporarily disabling the refresher for 2s after returning the content

Don’t works for me.

You found the solution?

I’m having this trouble, as well. For now, I am using JohnJenkins 2s disable hack, and it seems to be working, but, of course, a real solution would be better.