Ion-refresher appears and gets stuck when scrolling downwards

Current behavior:

When scrolling downwards ( by swiping upwards), the refresher appears on the top of the screen and gets stuck and is not spinning (shown in the screenshot). Refreshing normally by swiping downwards is working. Also refreshing normally makes the stuck refresher icon disappear.

Expected behavior:

The refresher icon should not appear when swiping upwards.

Steps to reproduce:

The ion-refresher element is the first element of the ion-content element and is followed by the list items

Related code:

<ion-content id="list-view-container">
        <ion-refresher slot="fixed" (ionRefresh)="doRefresh($event)">
		<ng-container #instrumentscontainer></ng-container>
        <app-empty [dataCount]="dataCount"></app-empty>

I’ve created an issue also on github