Horrible Android performance

Hey there,

I’m currently building an app w/ Ionic which runs really smoothly on iOS - and lags horribly on Android 4.x. I’ve already installed Crosswalks, but switching views (we’ve a click-listener on an list-item, for instance, using $state.go() ) takes up to 7 seconds (!) on an Galaxy S3 Mini.
The overall performance is just very, very laggy, even on an Xperia Z1 (which I’d call pretty much up-to-date, but I use iOS myself); stuff like opening and hiding the side-menu simply isn’t smooth.
My only guess would have been the pascalprecht.translate-plugin, but I doubt that’s so performance intensive, since it’s running asynchronous and if the device is slow, it simply loads slightly after the DOM.

What could cause that? I’ve tried to use the Android Profiler (which sucks) and ionic tends to use a ridiculous amount of CPU. Is there any way to properly debug this?

Are you using a big collection list with ng-repeat? Or using Cards?