Video.js and Windows explorer on ionic


So we had an app that was built using ionic and all seemed well except for an issue between video.js and ionic. Our hunch is something in the css or Java is causing the player controls to be blocked out. On the player only the full screen, and pause and play are allowed to be touched.

The thing is this is only happening on explorer. But because Windows apps are I guess using explorer technology it behaves the same way on the app.

To see this problem here is an example which must be tested on explorer only, as Firefox/chrome will not have this issue:

I hope anyone might have some ideas or suggestions on fixing this.

I’m interested to find out why you guys chose to use video.js instead of just using the standard HTML5 video standard?

Was there something specific to video.js you needed?

Yes vast tag & vpaid support. Its unfortunate its behaving this way on Explorer & Edge. But other browsers like firefox, Chrome, and Safari this isn’t happening.

Anyone have any suggestions on this strange issue?

Ohhh I see.

Did you implement any DRM at all?

Keep well.

No as far as I’m aware, we don’t use DRM.