Ionic Video Player On Real Devices

I have some problems about html video player on android and ios:
1.I use the html video play with original controls. PROBLEM is: the controls bar not working when full screen playing video on android device ?
2.When I test same project on IOS ,the 1st problem not happened. PROBLE is: I can’t find a way to detect the fullscreen event on ios ?
3.I have created a custom video player but the tabs-bar always showing there when I make my video-box’s z-index the max:100 with height and width fill my device,and it’s ok when there is no tabs-bar
4. it’s not about video player but I just post it to see if anyone can help me.
the problem is the ionic app can’t access file(like image/video) on my iPhone 5 even though it can download from server?

here’s the code for listen to full screen event

      video.bind('webkitfullscreenchange mozfullscreenchange fullscreenchange', function (e) {
        var state = document.webkitIsFullScreen;
        var event = state ? 'FullscreenOn' : 'FullscreenOff';
        // Now do something interesting
        console.log('Event: ' + event);
      video.on('changeFullScreenState', function (e) {
        console.log('Event:changeFullScreenState ' );

but i have not display video in device