HTML5 video controls in WP / IE


Hello forum,

Maybe this is a known issue and I’m also aware of Ionic’s current lack of support on Windows Phone, but I wanted to let you know an issue I came across when using a <video> element in Internet Explorer / Windows Phone.

The problem is basically the control buttons won’t receive the clicks from the user, as proved in this CodePen:
When opened with Chrome or Firefox it works fine, but on Internet Explorer (e.g. v10) you won’t be able to click on the video controls.
To make it work on IE, just remove the script line where the ionic.bundle.js is included.
What is Angular / Ionic doing with the video tag?.

As you can see in the code above, this isn’t related to this issue (having video elements inside ion-content) and the iframe workaround wouldn’t work in IE because it doesn’t allow injecting code in an iframe through the data: URI schema, so I’m not sure how to fix it.
Any ideas?.



I can also confirm the same behavior on Windows Phone 8.1.



Did you implement sidemenu ionic default project in windows phone 8.1??
Because, i am getting blank page in 8.1 but 8.0 it is working.


I’m not using the sidemenu template, but I experienced crashes on WP8.1 until I patched XHRHelper.cs as explained in this StackOverflow answer. I’m using Cordova 3.5.0; maybe you’re having the same problem.
In my case it worked on WP8.1 (emulator and device) but not on WP8.0 (emulator). Let me know why you think it worked for you on WP8.0.

As long as this is a little bit off-topic maybe we could move the discussion to a different topic or forum.