Video conference in Ionic?

Hi All,

I pretty new to ionic. In my application I need build a video conferencing feature, where

  1. Perso1 will generate a unique URL from web to interact with person2 (Web version is implemented using RTCMultiConnection ).
  2. the generated link is sent as a push notification to person2’s mobile app.
  3. I have to open that particular link inside my app which should allow person1 to start live chat with person2. And the person1 must also be able to record his video.

Problems I’m facing,

  1. Opening the URL in android app works fine, I can start a session.
  2. But iOS opening URL inside app or in any of the browser, the video conferencing is not happening.(I believe apple considers camera can be used only by their apps).

Help that I need,

  1. I’m looking for some repositories that have implemented RTCMultiConnection in their iOS app.
  2. Or please instruct me, how this can be achieved.

Note: I’m even ready to change my server side code, thanks in advance.

Have you tested this with two desktops? RTC MultiConnection relies on HTTP/HTTPS, which can generate latency. If this is a school project, you’re fine. If you’d like professional grade videoconferencing, you’ll need a more sophisticated tool.

It’s not a school project, it’s a corporate level one. And I have tested it in desktops, it works totally fine, even opening the URL’s from android browser like chrome, opera mini (after user allows website use his camera and microphone) will also works fine. But in ios opening URL either inside the app or in browser I’m not able to initiate the conference.

Hi @vasanthb
Is there any update here ? are you able to work with ionic 2 ?
I am also having problem with video streaming using ionic 3. have you solved this issue using RTCMultiConnection ?

Yaa I have solved this issue using rtcmulticonnection. Use this link you will be able to make it work.

Thanks. It worked in cordova. but it’s difficult to integrate it in Ionic 3. because I am a newbie to Ionic 3 (Typescript). I have previously worked in Ionic 1.

Making it to work in ionic 3 requires some additional effort. I’m preparing a detailed article on same. I will surely comment the link here once it is completed.

Hi @kishan-sassyinfotech
Have you managed to make it work with ionic?

Did you have a chance to create an article regarding RTCMultiConnection and ionic integration? Do you have any simple example?

Hi @lucky72o I’m sorry to inform you that, I couldn’t prepare it. But you can let me know, till now what you have tried and where you have stuck.

@vasanthb Thanks for your reply!

I’m quite new to ionic and I’m struggling to understand how to integrate RTCMultiConnection into ionic in general.

I’m trying to follow example

I’ve added scripts to index.html

Now in one of my .ts files I’m trying to create a new connection:
var connection = new RTCMultiConnection();

But I don’t understand how can I import RTCMultiConnection in ionic way …

Hi @lucky72o is there any compulsion from your client that you need to rtcmultiiconnection ? If not I would prefer you to use OpenTak. It is well documented, less priced compared to other providers.

I don’t have any preferences in terms of library, just trying to find a working one.

I will check OpenTak, thanks!
My task is to create an app that allows you to livestream audio to multiple users.
Is OpenTak suitable library for it?


Yaa it is suitable for that as well, you can achieve it just by disabling the video on certain channels.

Thanks a lot!
I think OpenTak looks very promising for my project!
Will give it a try!

@lucky72o that’s a good news. Comment if it serves your purpose, even other can benefited out of it.

Working for me in Android
Just follow these steps