Streaming RTSP on Ionic


I’m trying to stream RTSP(Real Time Streaming Protocol) on an Ionic project.

I’ve successfully opened a RTSP Streaming on a Android Native Video Player using this code:‘rtsp://my-rtsp-link’, ‘_system’)

The problem is that I need to display this RTSP on my App’s UI instead of openning it externally. Does anyone have had any experience on that? Is it even possible to add Android’s native Video Player component to my App’s UI?


Did you found any solution?

I’m trying to do the same.


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Unfortunately RTSP is in the same Abstraction level as the HTTP protocol so it seems not possible to put a RTSP video on a HTTP interface.

The solution we’ve came up with was creating a Phonegap plugin using VLC Lib (which plays RTSP with a delay of 1.8 sec). The plugin opens a RTSP link in a native video player.

Can u please share the phonegap plugin using VLC Lib?

Hello i need some code…i try to develop a personal application for see my IP camera that work on rtsp on specific port in my network lan.
There is a plugin for ngCordova / Ionic to take this?

Thank you