Video streaming in Ionic 2

I am required to build an App in Ionic 2 that supports live video streaming. I have read and seen examples of using phoneRTC in ionic 1 but cannot find any examples nor plugins for ionic 2. There is a cordova web-rtc non-production plugin available but I have not been able to install and use this plugin in ionic 2. Any advice or link of where I might find some examples of using ionic2 and phoneRTC?

I worked on a video chat application a few months ago and started with phoneRTC, but ended up not using it because every now and then the connection between peers would fail. If I remember correctly, there were also some compatibility issues with the latest cordova-ios version at the time. I also tried PeerJS and was able to get it to work on Android, but not on iOS. Finally, I ended up using SimpleWebRTC, along with cordova-plugin-iosrtc to expose the WebRTC APIs on iOS, and was able to achieve great results. Video was always a problem in iOS, though. SimpleWebRTC even provides an open-source signaling server. I am actually rebuilding the same app in Ionic 2 and will try the same approach since there have been a lot of updates to the iosRTC plugin. I would stay away from phoneRTC if I were you just because, unlike iosRTC, it is not actively maintained. Although this doesn’t answer your question, you can take a look at the alternatives I mentioned and see what works best for you. I’ll let you know if I can get something to work using those two options.


Thanks Jose, I appreciate your reply. I’ll play around a bit with what you suggested and look forward to your feedback once you’ve achieved it in Ionic 2.

@jmcenteno00968 did you get a chance to put SimpleWebRTC together with Ionic 2? After reviewing various options, I too think your recommendation to use SimpleWebRTC and cordova-plugin-iosrtc for IOS be a good combination.Are you open sourcing your code?

For those looking for ideas, ionic2-firebase-webrtc is a good place to start for Ionic 2. The author is not actively continuing the project.

Hi jmcenteno00968,

I try to use cordova-plugin-iosrtc with ionic1.
It doesn’t build for ios, I have errors.
Did your application in ionic 1 was working correctly ?