Ionic4 and Jquery, are there any issues?

many javascript code snippets that you can find on the Web use Jquery to make things.
For example to avoid a modal div to be closable clicking outside it.
Moreover, jquery is a very powerful tool to make things.

The use of jQuery in an Ionic app is not recommended in an Ionic app or can I include it without problems?
Which is your experience with the use of Jquery with Ionic?
Are there some important issues with it?

Thank you very much


Typically, most Ionic developers use either Angular as their framework or now React. Those framework provide the functionality that jQuery might provide. You can find the same level of snippets for both frameworks. The Ionic components themselves provide a lot of built-in features, so adding in other solutions might not even be needed.

With that said, you can use the base components without a framework and use jQuery, but I think you will find far fewer resources on that approach.