Using search queries with Firebase

Hello i have array of songs in Firebase.
Song object has this keys:

  • Singer name
  • Song name
  • Youtube video id

I want to use Firebase query to get back all the songs that have ‘Maroon 5’ as singerName and ‘Suger’ as songName.

How ahould I do that?

It’s for search in my app.

Some can help me ?

My advice, this is a perfect question for StackOverflow.

You’re not receiving a replay because it has nothing to do with Ionic.

For asking ìn Stavkoverflow i have to show what I’ve tried to solve the issue.
I didn’t try anything. I don’t know where to start from. Didn’t found anything on Google.

Perhaps you could start with this article to understand how to structure your datas:

Then you can check their ‘enhanced query support’ here :

I’m interested in the answers you found. I’m asking some similar questions and I think it’s not possible to do it with firebase/ionic only. We need to have a node server where to process the search queries.

What do you think? What could be the right approach?