Firebase, ionic, search


I am new in ionic. I stared working on one app, until now I finished bigger part of the layout and I used firebase to make the login (including google login and facebook).
I reached the point to make my advanced search and realize that this is not possible with the Firebase.
After researching for couple of days I didn’t come with good solution.

I start thinking to move to SQLite but firebase has some good functions what I would like to keep.

Sorry if this is not the right topic for this forum but maybe someone can help me if he had the same problem using the ionic.

Hi, for the same reasons I’m using Js-Data it has some overhead, but frankly first time you’d need to create join/relation above the Firebase JSONs its worth the effort.
Naked Firebase/AngularFire has some search capability but nothing like this in JS-Data

YourModel.findAll({where:{ 'name.first': { 'in': ['John', 'Johnny'] }, 'age': { '>=': 30, '<=': 33 } }}).then(function(results){//do something with your results});


Thank you for this it looks good.

I did some more research and I found out that PouchDB with Cloudant is a good solution also.
Do you know what is the difference between firebase and cloudant, why to use firebase?

Also cloudboost looks really good, did anyone tried this?