Ionic, Firebase and ElasticSearch, how to?


Hi all,

Fantastic work with ionic guys! I wanted to ask a quick question regarding elastic search, firebase and ionic. I’m new to elastic search and was wondering whether anyone has an example or how to of the best way of implementing elastic search within my ionic application?


I’m actually going to start working on this now (minus the firebase part), I will let you know how it goes if you haven’t figured it out already. I have a web application which uses elasticsearch and I want to tie in my ionic 2 app to also leverage the same elasticsearch configuration.


Hey, thanks for your reply! I managed to figure it out in the end. There’s a plugin called flashlight on GitHub for firebase. Essentially it sets up a separate node server monitoring all your specified database paths which then get indexed into the heroku bonsai application (elastic search add on ). I then submit a search request to my firebase database which is being monitored, my search request then gets initiated and then the search response is recieved and stored under my database as /searchresults. Which I then have access to in my app!


Hello , can you please provide a snip code or tutorial on how did you achieve that !



Hi, I am also interested in this setup. Is this the only real search to be used in Firebase?


Did anyone have any luck with this?