Using PWA source as hybrid app - Android


We have successfully completed our PWA with Ionic 2 and now I want to convert the same source to an Andorid Lite version (hybrid app) to publish in the Appstore.

I added the android platform as
cordova platform add android

in my config.xml android platform version is

AndroidManifest.xml min & max sdk version as

Ran my app on my android device (Mashmallow version) with
ionic cordova run android --device

With my Android Studio I found the log as

  • Expected native library version number “60.0.3112.116”, actual native library version number “60.0.3112.116”
  • /chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(26)] "service worker error : ", source: file:///android_asset/www/index.html (26)

I am unable to load my app and the index.html is keeps on loading and nothing is visible on the screen. Also from I came to know that service worker supports in android only from chrome version 61.

Can some one help me out!