Convert PWA to Hybrid App

I have never used ionic before nor did I develop apps.
So this question might be a very stupid one, but I could not find an answer online.

Is it possible to develop an PWA and “convert” it to an hybrid app, for those people who want to download an actual app?

If there is no real way to convert the app, could I simply publish an app where a browser window is simulated in which the PWA is loaded?


You can convert a PWA to native/hybrid App and vice versa, but you must understand the limit of each model. PWA requires service workers to run on browser and provide offline access and/or web notif. On the other hand, hybrid app use Ionic/Cordova to provide same services. so the implementation must be different, but the gap between one mode and other depends on native resources your App requires.
I recommend you to read Using Ionic/Cordova app sources as PWA to understand how to switch form a pwa Ionic implementation to native app, and vice versa.