Using a service worker to update an hybrid mobile app like a PWA

Hi all,

I’m building a Ionic mobile app, which will be compiled as a native app on Android/iOS (so, not a PWA).

I was wondering if there is a way, using for example service workers, to also point to a remote source (which can be edited by the user) for the code (for example, which will contain the “dist” folder contents) and use the service worker to fetch the updated code in order to upgrade the app without building and installing a new version?
I am not a service workers expert, the first obstacle that i can think of (maybe a blocking one) is that the local files are served with the localhost domain, and there is no way to specify another domain (much less a dynamic domain).

If this is impossible, what would be the correct approach? Using two webviews, one to show a minimal UI to insert the remote URL and then starting another webview to load a PWA from a remote URL?

Thanks in advance,