Using phpmyadmin as a backend for ionic 3 app

Hi everyone

As i am new to ionic so i developed an app and now want to use phpmyadmin as backend for this app. Can i use phpmyadmin for backend purposes?
Thanks in advance.

Sure, you can use it as the admin front-end to your backend’s database.

Wouldn’t this allow anybody with access to the app binary complete administrative access to the database?

I don’t think so. phpMyAdmin is a web app that manages MySql databases. So you might use MySql as part of your backend, and you would use phpMyAdmin to setup tables, insert test data into the database, etc.

Maybe take a look at the below article, it’s written for iOS, but the server side stuff should be the same.

I mean what you said, I just want to use phpmyadmin as mysql tools to create tables there. Then i want to create API and connect to ionic app for ios . @OutdoorsBlogger
If you suggest me what api could be the best and simple one . As i am new to it and it will be my first try haha Thanks

thanks @robinyo for your reply

Of course. The easiest would be whatever server side language you already know, if any. I use PHP and MySQL 'cause I’m old and it’s well documented.

Ruby, Python, and many others are options too - though Node.js allows you to use javascript(ish) scripting on a server to build a backend. This may be easier since Angular is built on JS and the syntax may be more similar.

I’d like to think there are applications out there that create this stuff without knowing much coding, but I’m drawing a blank.

Best of luck!

Easier, perhaps, but personally, I consider having the front and back ends in the same language to be a demerit, because it encourages cutting corners of independence and ending up with too tightly coupled applications.

You can always use something like firebase firestore . It is very simple to use and will allow you to rapidly develop your app’s backend.

If you stick with your idea take a deep look at:

Yeah, you are right too but how about firebase security . Is it secured to use as backend ? By the way, my data is very small amount just want to use backend as weekly announcements options to be updated in weekly that is it . @ricardofvallejo6969

Everything is SSL secured. It also gives you authentication methods without any effort. The price is based on documents fetched so if you only do this very often it should cost you about 0