Using ionic cloud while migrating to pro

I’ve started my migration to pro but in the meantime I have a bug that needs to be fixed in my production app. When I try perform an ionic upload I get the following error:

[ERROR] Sorry! The configured backend (pro) does not know about ionic upload.

    You can switch backends with ionic config set -g backend (choose from pro, legacy).

I then ran the command and switched to legacy. But when I run the same ionic upload from there I see this error :

[ERROR] A token does not exist for your account on app [account id]

Is there a way to use cloud while my conversion to pro is still underway?

Cloud has a different app_id, so if you already changed that in your local config file you also have to change that back.

Normally you should just be able to check out the old commit / branch of your app from git before you started the conversion in a feature branch.

That did the trick. Thanks!