Ionic Pro: How to migrate an app from the old Ionic dashboard to the Ionic Pro Dashboard?

Hi all,
I’ve an app on the old dashboard of Ionic cloud and I want to migrate it to the Ionic Pro dashboard.

How can I do this?
I have:

  1. deleted the app from the old dashboard,
  2. added a new app on the new dashboard,
  3. changed the app_id in the file ionic.config.json.

But if execute the command “ionic upload” I have this error:

[ERROR] A token does not exist for your account on app 28f330ca.

Any suggestion?


See here:

Do this, then ionic login again.

Also note that ionic upload is not to be used any more as the new backend uses a git based backend:

Thank you very much.
However if Ionic Pro uses git to upload an App this could be a problem because my App is already linked with git to BitBucket.

That is not a problem as you can add additional repositories to one checkout (If you create a local git repository for example it has 0 remotes. When you check something out from Bitbucket it has 1. But you can also add another one like e.g. the Ionic one). The docs actually tell you how to do that and how to use it.

Thank you, I think that with your help I’ve solved.
These are the steps I’ve done:

  1. deleted the app on the old dashboard (This is probably not necessary)
  2. created a new app on the new dashboard
  3. from command line I’ve chosen the new dashboard: ionic config set backend pro -g
  4. from command line: ionic login
  5. from command line: ionic link (I’ve generated a new ssh pair of keys)

Now I can use both repositories in this way:

  • git push origin master --> bitbucket
  • git push ionic master --> ionicframework

However now I can see that migrate to Ionic Pro dasboard was not a great idea because the app Ionic View for Android doesn’t still support Ionic Pro projects :frowning:

Yes, the new Android Ionic View app was not released yet.

No ETA is known, only “soon” on the view web site.
You might want to contact support about that: