Using collection-repeat after collection-repeat

I am trying to use collection-repeat after a collection-repeat.
The code looks like this:

      %ion-scroll{ direction: "x", "scrollbar-x" => "false" }
            .ion-item{ "collection-repeat" => "season in previousSeasons1" }
            .ion-item{ "collection-repeat" => "score in previousSeasons1" }

The second collection-repeat doesnā€™t work and I get the following error in the console:

Error: undefined is not an object (evaluating ā€˜node.childNodesā€™)

Am I doing something wrong here?
I also see a collection-repeat-after-container in the compiled code. Does that have to do with anything?

each collection repeat needs its own scrollview to calculate correct scrollbars, heights and widths.

if you put 1 collection repeat in an ion-content it uses automatically this one

if you want to have another independent collection repeat after that one you should wrap both in scroll-containersā€¦

looks like you are wrapping both in one collection.repeat

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Thanks for the quick reply.