User authentication and payments

So, I’m building an app that will be subscription based. The user will create an account and add in payment information and the subscription information will have to be verified when the user uses the app.

For user authentication, I’ve used firebase, and for payments Stripe. The problem I am running into, is getting both to talk nicely with each other, and also that stripe will work correctly on the IOS sim, but not on an actual device (api call is done, but nothing gets returned, app just shows loading screen).

My question is, is there an easier way? Do I even need firebase for authentication, or could I just use stripe by itself, and verify the account some other way?

A quick look into Stripe’s Docs shows us:

When a user wants to connect to your platform, they’ll go through these steps:

Starting on a page at your site, the user will click a link that takes them to Stripe, passing along your platform’s client_id.

  • On Stripe’s website, the user will be prompted to connect their Stripe account, or create a new account if they don’t already have
  • The user will then be redirected back to your site (specifically to your redirect_uri), passing along either an authorization code or an
    error (if the connection request was denied).
  • Your site then makes a request to our OAuth token endpoint to fetch the user’s authorization credentials, storing them on your site.
  • Subsquent API requests can be made on behalf of the connected account using the authorization credentials.

So yes, you can authenticate your user using Stripe !