Creating a Subscription payment App

Hi everyone,

I am building an ionic3 app with a subscription business model. Basically the user pays a fix sum a month to access the app features. I am using firebase as the backend.

I am not sure what are the best ways to do so. I think I should be using some native plugins either for the app store or maybe some plugin for stripe/paypal?

Will be great if someone with experience in this area can share more, thanks!

Well if it’s in app features you’re want then you need to use a native solution because apple and Google will reject your app if you use paypal for in app content. I think In-app-purchase or in-app-purchase2 from ionic native is your way to go.

Hey thanks for replying.

I am building a subscription for physical products to be consumed outside of the app. Hence after reading the guidelines for app store and google play, they allow other payment methods for such use case.

I will be going with stripe.js (not the ionic native version because it does not support recurrent billing).

Just to put this here if anyone think this is a good/bad choice let me know!

stripe.js looks fine to me. For payments, I would look at the percentage of money made by the payment provider (1.5~2.4%) + 0.25 euro cents. Second, I would look at the payment abilities and since it covers Credit card, ideal and alipay, I think lots of other local payments are supported.