Best way to pay users


Hi all!

Which is your best way to send payments to the users? The typical example is: an user of my app has to pay a third service, obviously using the app itself.



Any suggestion here? I’ve seen only tools for receiving payments…


The problem here is that the user would have to already have an account with that service - as the payment method must already be in there somehow. The only one that is common here is probably Paypal.


Thanks for your help Sujan.

But I mean there are a lot of services that work in this way, for example Just eat or the other food delivery companies. So the app user pays his meal to the restaurant. But now the question: is he paying directly to the restaurant or indirectly through just eat (and then they “redirect” the payments to all the restaurants)?


Ah, I was thinking you have to really pay directly.
No, these services all require payment to the service first, they then do a settlement.


Uhm ok, so one of the best choice is something like stripe for the first step.
I’ve seen the official native stripe plugin and for me is not so clear.

Is it able to perform the payment user-card to my stripe account? Or I have to integrate some node API’s?


Create a new topic about Stripe please. Inlcude links to the plugins you are takling about.