Use Stackoverflow docs to consolidate examples (answers) to regular problems

The Ionic 2 docs are pretty awesome for learning the basics and there are many people out there who create their own helpful tutorials and put on the web, but certain problems and scenarios still tend to pop up a lot on the Ionic Forum or StackOverflow.

To me it seems like a good idea to make use of the Stackoverflow documentation feature so that we can consolidate a good list of coding examples for these common problems (and even the uncommon ones) in order to help developers learn while creating Ionic2 apps. It can also be used as a reference point for those who still wish to raise questions on something they are stuck on.

Hopefully you guys agree with this and feel encouraged to get involved with building this documentation :slight_smile:

Ionic2 now has its own documentation page here.


Was thinking about this this morning

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I tend to think that this is a bit counter-productive. While you can make community docs, the ionic docs in general are very accessible and easy to contribute to. We includes likes to “improve this doc” on almost every page.

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I see your point. I guess that’s why I posted about it here to see what the general thoughts would be.

To me though I don’t find the Ionic docs very intuitive when it comes to editing and stuff. For example a few months ago I just wanted to correct a typo under one of the components so I clicked the “improve this doc” link and all of a sudden it was asking me to fork the repository in GitHub and I started to get lost :joy:

I guess this is because I’m not a big GitHub user so it all seemed to much just to try correct a word.

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