Use a different package name because "io.ionic.starter" already exists in Google Play

after the build i see config.xml file in android/src/main/res/xml .
but there are no changes in the file. Also, do we expect changes in the androidManifest.xml file? I do not see changes in that?
I changed the config.xml file in the ionic root folder but no still after doing ionic build ,copy,sync i get same error in the google play store of the package name

Are you using cordova or capacitor?

i’m using capacitor 2.4. Sometimes i get gradle errors. which gradle should i use?

Ok, i’m not a capacitor user yet, but i believe the config.xml is just a cordova file. Also read this:

ok.i’ll try this. But does it means that when I change the config.xml in the ionic and do ionic build and ,sync android then the package name will not be changed automatically? Manually if I have to change the android manifest file then how does the ionic’s paid service dashboard manages the version? There I’m not supposed to upload android folder I guess. I’m trying it out. Till now had trouble creating ios certificates for signing app. Very difficult process.