Android Manifest

Every time i build the app, using ionic build android, it keeps resetting the android manifest file. I cant change the app version code due to this. Please Help. :cry:

You should be able to change it in config.xml.

I have done the same. I have changed both config.xml and android manifest. Both resets to their original values after running the CLI build command (ionic build android) .

Don’t touch the android manifest. Change config.xml. Make sure you save it before running build.

What is the difference between
cordova build
Ionic build


Still not getting anywhere. Like You said, I changed only config.xml and kept the android manifest untouched. After building it reset to original value :frowning:

I’m sorry, I’ve never seen this before. I’ve used Ionic to build different version of an app and I’ve no idea why its doing that for you.

Are you sure its not your development environment? You’re not using Web Storm are you? I went back to Sublime Text because I couldn’t stand Web Storm trying to do things I didn’t ask it to.

No its simple Notepad++

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