Youtube Upload

I want to upload the video to Youtube, anyone have done that before ?

You can follow the example here:

With the help of Ionic ? See this tutorials

I have found one name ng-youtube-upload, But…

How would you set “Authorized JavaScript origins” for youtube for the device ?

It works fine on the browser with the http://localhost:8100, but not on mobile with error 400: invalid request ~ Invalid parameter value for origin: Missing authority: file://

Anyone got any idea ?

Many thanks.

Have you used whitelist for youtube ?

Whitelist for youtube ?

Is it not the same with whitelist plugin ?

This one also not working…

I used the ng-youtube-upload which implemented from this code, but the same error occurs.

The function that is used is gapi.signin.render.

Do you have any idea ?

were you able to make this work?