Updated to 1.0.0-rc.0... collection repeat items are double spaced?

I have a list of 100-200 items that are loaded via Collection Repeat. When I updated Ionic to version 1.0.0-rc.0 I started having a problem with many of the list items having double spacing. Double spacing is the best way I can describe it. Between each item there is a space equal to the height of the actual items. This happens with or without width/height attributes. No images in the items.

Fiddling around in dev tools I found that disabling “-webkit-transform: translate3d();” fixes the problem in the items that are currently in view, but when I scroll down and new items are loaded, there are overlaps for some of the elements.

Any ideas?

Update: good news is that when I published the app and tested it on my phone (android) I did not have the issue. Only happens in desktop browser. I tested it in Ionic Lab, Ripple and without an emulator and I still get the issue. Since this is isolated to desktop, I can just ignore it.

Would you be able to put together a codepen?

Thank you for getting back, I will create a Codepen as soon as I get a few minutes. I actually did end up having the issue on the phone.

As an aside, this is my first Ionic project and I absolutely love it. I am very impressed by the support you guys provide… every time I have come across a thread on this forum Johnny on the spot mhartington is there to save the day.

Keep up the great work!

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I went to make the codepen and sure enough the issue was gone. I can’t recreate it… it is possible there was some sort of an issue with cache? Thank you anyways.

Could be possible, a good way to fix it is to add a query string to the url.