Collection-repeat sometimes doesn't size/position elements properly

I can’t reproduce it consistently, but sometimes when I refresh the view my collection-repeat items have a size of 148x34 (instead of 50% x 200) and are not positioned in their right place at all, they’re all in the top-left corner.

This is my code for the list. I have item-height set to 200 and item-width to 50%. And it renders fine half the time, the other times I don’t have proper sizing and positioning for the items.

  <div class="item" ng-if="data.noSales" style="text-align: center;">
    <p>Could not find sales in your area.</p>
	<a sale-list-item collection-repeat="sale in sales.list" item-width="50%" item-height="200" sale="sale" class="item full-thumb" ng-click="saleItemClick(,">

I am populating my sales list by appending to an existing array (using concat) once I get a list from the server. So when the user enters this page my list is an empty array. Maybe the way I am getting the data has something to do with this issue.

Is there some sort of update method I can call to refresh the sizing once I get the data?