Collection-repeat item-height error

I keep getting this error on one of my collection repeats:

This is on 1.0.0-rc.3. I never noticed it on 1.0.0-rc.2

Error: collection-repeat tried to compute the width of repeated elements “cardin in data | orderBy:‘Timestamp’:decending | filter:filter”, but was unable to. Please provide the “item-width” attribute.
at g (ionic.bundle.min.js:383)
at ionic.bundle.min.js:383
at l.$get.l.$digest (ionic.bundle.min.js:155)
at l.$get.l.$apply (ionic.bundle.min.js:157)
at ionic.bundle.min.js:121

It’s very basic.

<a class="item"
   collection-repeat="cardin in data | orderBy:'Timestamp':decending | filter:filter"

My other collection repeats work fine. This one however, is located within a modal. Not sure if this is why it’s wigging out or not. Can you use collection-repeat inside a modal that’s hidden? When the modal is shown, it works fine.

Any ideas?


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I’ve noticed the same thing. I also have a collection-repeat in a modal. Running my app in a desktop browser shows the same error in the console, but the list scrolls just fine in both the browser and on native devices. I’m not even setting height or width.