Update version of the app installs the whole new app again from playstore ! (crosswalk)

My app currently is in testing phase.

i uploaded the new version of the apk , but while updating the app from user side it downloaded whole apk again.

Ideally it should only update the changed/new part

how to do that ?

and does ios appstore has anything similar to alpha testing ? i want to test ios app from app store keeping it publicly unavailable.


Help is appreciated.

any answers to this ? the app is built with crosswalk. its very annoying to download 25 Mb everytime the app updates !

Help needed

You are submitting a new apk to Google; from Google’s side, they do not care what you change (as long as it won’t harm anyone). The play store knows that you uploaded a new apk which is different than the current one installed so it is going to download the new apk. An apk is one file so there is no way to pick which parts to update. It sounds like you want to use something like Ionic Deploy.

Thanks alot for reply ! but there are many apps on playstore which update partially i mean the new changes and not full apk again so i thought there is way to do it. checking ionic deploy :slight_smile: