Update running iOS emulator causes black screen


When I launch ionic emulate ios and the emulator is not running, everything works fine. However, if the emulator is already running, it updates to a black screen. I can run Reset Settings and Content from the iOS Simulator menu, which clears up the problem. However, that’s awkward to do. Is there another way to update an existing application?

Black screen on iOS only

I have the same problem on 10.9.4, with Xcode 5.1.1. The workaround I found was that changing devices from the iOS emulator updates the application it after the black screen. I just toggle between 3.5 in and 4 in displays.

Anyone found anything else that works?


I have the same problem. No solution found, I am changing device hardware in iOS simulator too.


Yep, that works for me too. I’ll just use the ionic serve when I need faster turnaround. Thanks!


Hey guys, this is an error with ios-sim, I get this all the time. A good trick though is to get to the simulators home screen by pressing cmd+h, then go back home, this will fix things