Update IOS//Xcode ionic 1 project

I have an old Xcode project created in ionic 1 and I need to do some minor changes in some js files. I don’t have the ionic 1 environment on the machine as I’m using Ionic 3 at the moment so I can’t build the project from source files. I tried to modify the files in Xcode www folder but the changes don’t get picked up when I run the app.
Is there a way to make changes without having the ionic 1 environment installed on my Mac?


If you are building an Ionic 3 project, you also have the environment to build Ionic 1 apps - Ionic CLI works with all Ionic projects and is backwards compatible.

Best way to start is to run ionic info in your Ionic v1 project and post the output here. We can then tell you if and what you should update.

Hi Sujan.
i ran ionic info on the Mac in my ionic 1 project and got thismac%20ionic%20info.
Then I ran it on a windows machine where I have the ionic 1 environment installed and got the following:

As I said, on your windows machine you are just running a very old version of the CLI.

Do what the current CLI tells you (Rename that file) and run ionic info again. Should give you similar information to what it shows on Windows.