Update ionic 6 and Angular

Hi !
I have 2 apps :

  • ionic5/Angular10
  • ionic1/AngularJS

I’d like to update to ionic6/Angular13 but I was wondering if it would affect also my ionic1 app, as it’s ionic/cli now, instead of ionic. What can I do to be sure these two apps will continue to work ? I’m not familiar with ionic architecture, CLI, etc…

Thx !


the Ionic5/A10 app should, in theory, be easy to upgrade using the guides available - first doing the angular upgrade (upgrade.angular.io) and then ionic part. Whether that really works like that in practice depends on the complexity of the app.

Bringing an Ionic1/AJS app up to I6/A13 is likely to be a full rebuild with reuse of chunks of the code, but also discarding lots of code as the architectures are completely different.

I am not fully sure what you mean by saying “as it’s ionic/cli now, instead of ionic”. The CLI is different from the UI framework.



Thanks ! Actually I can’t upgrade my ionic1 due to complexity ; I just want to upgrade my ionic5 → 6. My question is precisely to know if ionic1 app will be impacted by the (global) ionic/angular update.

It should be just fine. If you have an Ionic 5 (meaning that your global Ionic Core is updated at least to that version) app and your Ionic 1 app still works, you have nothing to fear with the Ionic 6 update

Thank you ! I’ll try then. :crossed_fingers:

Migration guide (Upgrading to Ionic 6 | Ionic Documentation) says:


  1. Ionic 6 supports Angular 12+. Update to the latest version of Angular by following the Angular Update Guide.
  2. Update to the latest version of Ionic 6:
npm install @ionic/angular@6


If you are using Ionic Angular Server, be sure to update that as well:

npm install @ionic/angular@6 @ionic/angular-server@6

I also have two apps in ionic5/Angular10 and I would like to update to ionic6/Angular13.

Following the Migration Guide, will the update affect both apps?
If I run the commands from the project folder in terminal, only will this project be updated? Or will the update be globally, affecting all projects?