Unwanted analytics installed in web preview

I have been experimenting with AppFlow web preview and I discovered that some script was writing to my local storage. I examined the source and found the following script was added to my app:

(edit: removed script tags for obvious reasons):

script type=“text/javascript” async="" src="https://cdn.segment.com/analytics.js/v1/q90StFYyfK8fYGFGjjd6zKRIAjHez5Xo/analytics.min.js"

I browsed into this script and I’m finding references to Facebook, etc., which is extremely concerning. The script does not appear when I build locally and I cannot find references to segment.com in my installed node packages, local files, etc.

Any ideas where this is coming from and what is being tracked?

Thank you

Hi @davepinch, those scripts are from the Appflow dashboard, they are internal analytics for usage of the Appflow dashboard. In this case, for web previews, we track the first load of the app for internal analytics purposes, but we do not track any other data in your running app.

Please see our Privacy Policy for info on the data we may collect and how we use it.