Simplify native build testing with Native App Previews in Appflow

Originally published at: Simplify native build testing with Native App Previews in Appflow - Ionic Blog

If native mobile app testing makes you feel like you’re stuck in a “for” loop without an exit condition, then Native App Previews in Appflow are for you! Appflow, the mobile CI/CD solution built by Ionic, now offers in-browser testing on native virtual devices for both iOS Simulator and Android Debug builds. Developers can now…

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Could this also be combined with cypress or something similar?

Hey @buan, this feature is meant for manual testing within the Appflow Dashboard. For automated testing, you can use Cypress to test against a web build running in a browser, or something like Appium to test a native mobile build of your app. You can check out the webinar here and blog post here with some more details for how to test your mobile apps.


My expectatios were that I could see javascript console output but the debug log in Appetize window doesn’t show any javascript console.log or console.error that can help me to debug a problem.

Am I doing something wrong? or not doing something?

  • Albin

Hi Albin, I am reviewing this with the team to confirm if this is expected behavior. To confirm, the console.log() and console.error() in your app are defined in your Ionic app? Is this with an iOS or Android native build that you’re experiencing this?

Cecelia, thanks for your interest on my issue.

It is in an iOS native build.

My App uses Capacitor but not Ionic, just vanilla JS and CSS, the most simple case (I think).

The code

console.log('hidding SplashScreen');
console.log('SplashScreen hidden');

doesn´t logs anything anywhere or it’s not shown in the debug log in Appetize window.

You can see it by yourself here App

How/Where could I read it to debug my App?

Btw. this App stops in a white screen on v16.2 despite it works fine in my real/phisical iPhone with iOS 16.3.1. Maybe there is a problem by your side. Will you offer more versions in Appetizer?

Hi Albin, I appreciate you sharing those details and the link. I’ve passed these on to the team and will let you know once I have an update.

Thank you!

I will really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


Could this feature used from the ionic-cloud cli also?

hi @ceceliaionic,

I am looking to create these previews using an automation, but the option to have the preview as a destination doesnt seem to appear? Not sure if this is intentional?

If so, is there any other way to automate this creation of native previews? Perhaps using a CLI?