Ionic Lab pre-installed Google Analytics

Hi everyone,
I don’t want to be taken for someone in bad faith and I like very much Ionic and all the work done by the team…
But I was wondering the purpose of the Google Analytics code in Ionic Lab which you can find in:
\npm\node_modules\ionic\lib\ionic\assets\preview.html (on Windows)
and on Github:
The ID is the same of Ionic’s website and is set to be used on localhost:
ga(‘create’, ‘UA-44023830-9’, {
‘cookieDomain’: ‘none’
Being only in that file means it is in Lab and not in the basic Ionic serve.
So is it for some type of usage statistics? Like other software’s anonymous sending for improvement purpose?

I’m just asking and I repeat: I’m not accusing anyone.

p.s. Sorry for bad english.