Underscore in appId


I used an underscore in my app id: “com.mycompany.my_project”. This worked well for the PlayStore / Android release. But now I want to compile for AppStore / iOs. And XCode does not sign the code:

I get this errors in XCode:

  • An attribute in the provided entity has invalid value: The attribute ‘name’ is invalid: ‘XC com mycompany my_project’
  • No profiles for ‘com.mycompany.my_project’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘com.mycompany.my_project’.

In this thread there is the info, that underscores are not allowed:

Does somebody have an idea what to do? Its a released Android app. And Im using the Plugin In App Purchase 2 - Ionic Documentation

Your appId should be your domain name inverted, domain name can’t contain underscores so there’s not much to do there.

You’re gonna have to change it for both or mess with the iOS setup to remove the underscore when you’re building and syncing.

Capacitor only reads the appId value when you add the platform, so you can change it to a value without _ and add ios. It won’t change the existing value on android unless you remove android folder and run add command again.

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As I said: Its a released Android App, I cant change the id.

Thank you. I worked. I hope, this will not cause problems later