Ionic app name uft-8 ios


My customer says, 'we need to use korean application name, because this application targetting korea users.'
so, i tried create project (ionic start -a [appname] -i [packagename] scdia_ios blank)

and, i try adding ios platform, use ionic platform add ios.

but, something error is there.

terminal output

mv: dest file already exists: /users/windsekirun/scdia/scdia_ios/platform/ios/[appname]/[appname]-Info.plist 
mv: dest file already exists:
shell.js: internal error
Error: EINVAL, invalid argument '/users/windsekirun/scdia/scdia_ios/platforms/ios/[appname].xcodeproj

and, here is picture about terminal.

so, i think other way, and tried this way.

  1. ionic start -i lhcs.skseekcake scdia_ios blank
  2. ionic platform add ios
  3. (in xCode) $PRODUCT_NAME = [appname]
  4. ionic build ios

but, still had errors.

etc. in android, working properly.

I have same issue. Is there any suggestions?