Problem with export *.ipa file

Hello Dear All,

First I apologise for my english.
could you help me with small problem :slight_smile:
I want to create *.ipa file from ionic project, but in indentify area xcode told me that I must “Fix Issue”.
And if I click on the fix issue, so xcode show me modal window with text An App ID identifier “com.xxxxx.xxxxxx” is not available please enter the different sting, but I need use defined string, concretely defined string in “Bundle indentifier”.

What can i do? Could somebody help me width this problem?


I try to change “Bundle indentifier” e.g. com.xxxxx.xxxxxx1. I add only 1 to end and it works but I need use Bundle identfier without 1 number in the end of bundle identifier string.

And one thing under Team item I have text “No provisionig profiles found”, but if i add 1 to the end of identifier bundle and click to Fix Issue this text “No provisionig profiles found” disappear.

Thank you for any advice,

best regards Peter