Unable to open ionic project in eclipse

I try to import my ionic project to eclipse as an existing android application but it was undetectable? Any idea why? I could run my app in android phnoe using ‘ionic run android’ but why it can be imported to eclipse?

Just use general project for the whole ionic project.

Or, if you want to edit the android output (after the platform has been build) try to import platforms/android as Android project (careful though, most changes in there will be lost if you rebuild the app over the cli)

It’s fine, I don’t want to sign my app using cli but the project is not detected, like this

Worked fine for me using “File - Import - Existing Android Project” then I selected the platforms/android folder and imported the top one.

Not using ADT but Eclipse Luna with Android Plugin but that should not make a huge difference though

Oh, one thing to add: I added crosswalk so my android project was converted to gradle instead of ant. that could be one issue as well

What version of cordova you are using? My previous project work but not recent project, I have no idea what’s wrong. I’m using cordova 4.2.

Having the same problem :frowning: