Crosswalk Build


I’m trying to get Crosswalk to work with Ionic.Does anyone have a short step by step how I migrate my existing ionic project to work with crosswalk?

Thx in advance


Follow this steps:

Install nodejs, npm install -g cordova if you haven’t

Make the JAVA_HOME environment-variable to c:/…/Java\jdk1.7.0_51/ and not c:/…/Java\jdk1.7.0_51/bin like in the documentation. (restart computer)

Download a Cordova-Android-Version

unzip it and in the unzipped folder/bin u can use the create-command to create a new Crosswalk-Android-Project:

Install the newest Eclipse-Version and install under Help -> Install new Software the Android-Development-Kit with the Repository

In the SDK-Manager in Eclipse download the latest versions of sdk-tools, platform-tools and sdk-platforms (i’ve downloaded all from API18 and 19)
Set the environment-variables like in the documentation

Import the created Project('s (3)) into Eclipse and replace the www-folder-contents with the ionic-content. Maybe copy the cordova.js into the www-folder, don’t know right now…

Till now i have not tried much more… but you can run it out of eclipse on your device or an emulator


This is very helpful, and I tried it out on my existing project, THANK YOU.
Scrolling is pretty fluid with crosswalk on my old android device, way much better.
But the transition still laggy.
Anyway, it’s better now. Hope the crosswalk Cli could come out.