Unable to get "OPEN" App banner


I am trying to implement this plugin to get Universal links functionalities on my app and I can’t accomplish completly.

On iOS simulator(14.5) when I do for example on a terminal:

xcrun simctl openurl booted https://my.domain.com


"Create a calendar event with the link on Notes"

The app is opened correctly and the events has fired.

Then I put https://my.domain.com on the address bar in the safari browser and go but it not launch the app and not shows the “open in” app banner.

I know that if the universal link is fired trought address bar browser not works but, it should be show the “OPEN” banner no?

Is not necessary that the app be realesed on app store no?

Thanks for the help.

My setup:
Plugin istalle with this command:

cordova plugin add ionic-plugin-deeplinks --variable URL_SCHEME=myapp --variable DEEPLINK_SCHEME=https --variable DEEPLINK_HOST=my.domain.com

-On https://my.domain.com/.well-known/apple-app-site-association have this file:

    "applinks": {
        "apps": [],
        "details": [
                "appID": "MYTEAMID.com.my.bundleid.com",
                "paths": [

Is mandatory to have the file on host root both?

-The AASA validator http://branch.io/resources/aasa-validator returns all checks to OK.

-On my config.xml have:

        <config-file parent="com.apple.developer.associated-domains" target="*-Debug.plist">
        <config-file parent="com.apple.developer.associated-domains" target="*-Release.plist">

-Other environment info:

cordova-ios 6.2
cordova-cli: 10.0.0
ionic-angular: 5

I have discovered that the “open in” banner appears when I click on input and appears the keyboard…

Any idea?

I don’t know if its related but the website is also an ionic angular app and this a poltergeist, if I focus on an input and keyboard is opened the banner appears but if I refresh page it disappears. Even if i pull down the top of the page the banner not appears.

There is a related problem:

Someone managed with this?