Ionic universal links to subfolder


I’ve implemented universal links in my ionic app in order to open the app instead of my website. The problem is that now it is opening all urls in my domain (i.e. Instead of this I want to open only urls from a subfolder i.e.

Examples of the problem: is opened and it should not is opened and it should not is opened and it is ok

When I installed the universalinks ionic plugin I used this configuration (I have two domains and the behaviour is the same for both):

cordova plugin add ionic-plugin-deeplinks
–variable URL_SCHEME=myurlscheme
–variable DEEPLINK_SCHEME=https --variable --variable ANDROID_PATH_PREFIX=/applink/open/
–variable DEEPLINK_2_SCHEME=https --variable --variable ANDROID_2_PATH_PREFIX=/applink/open/

I tried to remove and add Android platform several times.

Thanks for your help!