Unable to get ion-list working with swipe!

I’ve been beating my head against this one for days. After having seen plunkrs working with the same kind of swipe behavior, I’m pretty sure this problem is unique to my HTML structure. I just can’t figure out why ion-list would fail to swipe. What am I doing wrong??

    <ion-list show-delete="showDelete"
        <ion-item ng-repeat="customer in customers" class="item-thumbnail-left" item="customer" on-swipe="swipeRight(item.objectId)">
            <div class="customer-type" ng-class="customer.Type">&nbsp;</div>
            <div class="customer-data">
                <div class="text-label">{{customer.FirstName}} {{customer.LastName}}</div>
                <div class="customer-address">{{customer.Address}}</div>
            <ion-option-button side="right" class="button-positive" ng-click="viewCustomer(customer)">Details
            <ion-option-button side="right" class="ion-minus-circled" ng-click="deleteCustomer(customer)">&nbsp;

Note, this is inside of a view, which is inside of an ion-side-menu-content tag. Not sure if that’s relevant or not, but it just refuses to work.

UPDATE: It turned out that because I didn’t have an ion-delete-button but had show-delete set to true, the swipe didn’t work at all. Fyi, in case anyone else runs into this issue.